Sorting Tips for the Pre-Holiday Downsize

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Before the holidays, it really pays off to take the time to purge out old items that are not being used prior to the influx of gifts and new household items that is quickly approaching.  When you do your holiday decorating, the house can seen even more cluttered than usual, due to all of the additional visuals that you are adding for the festivities.  So, when you get out the decoration boxes, use only the items you more favor and then purge out the items that you haven’t put up in the past year.  Also, give yourself permission to let go of the items others have given you that are not your style or do not match your décor.  In the course of your purge, use three boxes:  Distribute, Donate and Dump.  Distribute is for items that can go to another person you know.  Donate is for items to take to Salvation Army or other charities of your choice.  Dump, well, you get the picture.  So get crackin’!  Clean out those old holiday and household items before the new stuff takes over.  And call an organizer if you need help with decorations and the like.  It’s our favorite time of the year.  And Clean Sweep does not charge to remove items for charity.  So take full advantage!

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