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I can only begin to describe how one day can become so much more significant and some days become historic in the life of a professional organizer.  I love my job because every day is different, and some days are routine, but many have exciting discoveries that just make me joyful.  I wanted to share a brief story about a couple of those exciting, historic days that occurred over the past few months.

On one local Detroit-area job, I worked with a team to clean-out of an estate where various family members who had resided in the home had passed away.  The family was now selling the home, and as I worked with the family putting items into charity piles or into a very large dumpster we had rented, I kept finding “gold.”  I don’t mean gold in the literal sense, but in the sense of dresses worn to prom in the 1950s, beautifully preserved with gloves, hats and corsages with love notes, perfectly preserved.  Those dresses were donated to a children’s play for costumes as well as to St. Dunstan’s Playhouse and Royal Oak Stagecrafters for costumes for shows.  We found a World Series baseball ring from a grandfather who had played in it hidden in a place where no one would have ever found it.  It might have been lost forever if we had not taken the care to search each nook and cranny.  What joy the family found in that discovery!  We found reel-to-reel tape recordings of the eldest member of our clean-out crew singing Christmas carols as a child around the piano with her long-deceased parents…hearing their voices again made her weep with missing them, but joy at the discovery that she could hear them once more.  Oh, how that job make me smile!

On a second recent project, while cleaning out the steamer trunk of a former World War II Navy Jag officer, I found treasures from all around the world, including a book of train, ship and other travel tickets in pristine condition from 1919 – 1934.  There were over 1000 tickets, and let me tell you, they don’t make tickets like that any more.  We found silks from the orient that he had made into clothing for his wife.  We found military uniforms in perfect condition from back in the day…programs from the Sukiyaki Bowl in the 1950’s (football game on Okinawa between US military branches) in which this gentleman was a linesman…a treasure trove of American history.

I learn new things every day, make wonderful friends with people who are aging, yet who have so much to share about our real, live history…and I find joy in being a good custodian of these amazing items and finding homes for as many of them as possible.  This is why I do what I do.  This is why I love who I do it for and with…

If you need an organizer to come in with sensitivity and the good sense to find creative homes for your items of value, do not hesitate to call me at 248.931.3325. I look forward to my job every day…

Jen Heard, MBA – Owner


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