Your current space will be evaluated and analyzed for improvements, and a specific plan will be created for a permanent solution.  Your Customized Plan will be implemented and follow-up will be done to assure any improvements to the new arrangement can be made.  Touch-base visits for accountability and ongoing improvement are also available.


Are years of accumulated stuff crowding you in your current home?  Do you need space in the garage for that collector’s auto that you want to restore?  Clean Sweep can help you preserve your prized possessions, and sell or donate (through our partners) the rest, so you can be free to accomplish your goals.

Home organizing services include: Living Rooms, Closets, Bedrooms, Play Rooms, Home Offices, Paper Management, Bathrooms, Attics, Work/Tool Rooms, Hobby/Craft Rooms, Mom Caves, Moving & Relocations




Once a plan is made for your place of business, we can locate products and arrange any needed materials to be delivered to your door.  We can work with teams to create LEAN office systems and eliminate waste.  You will be amazed at the time savings and efficiency that an organized office can bring!

Home office services include: Reception Areas, Desk Tops, Drawers, Mail/Supply Rooms, Offices, Paper Management, Cubicles, Storage Rooms, Records Management, Office Relocations


In-person and on-line coaching will be available for clients who prefer to do the work themselves but would like advice on methods and a fresh set of ideas to accomplish their goals.


Vibrational Clearing/Essential Oils

New product line being offered is Young Living Essential Oils.  See Jen’s Personal Young Living Link for more information. Ask your organizer about how aromas such as Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, and Lemon can help clear old energy, smells, mold and germs from your environment naturally, without harsh chemicals while creating a peaceful, calm environment for your busy family.

College Essay Writing/College Tutoring

Clean Sweep also offers college essay assistance and proofreading for applications and college courses.  Speech, performance and elocution assistance are also available.

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