Clean Sweep Consulting, located in Birmingham, MI, specializes in professional organizing for busy families with children, the situation-induced disorganized person in addition to rapidly growing small businesses. Call Jen Heard at (248) 931-3325 today for more information or a consultation visit!

Jen Heard loves organizing, because she gets the privilege of helping busy people to set goals, downsize, prioritize and improve their lives. She gets the challenge of helping businesses organize, prioritize and grow. Creating impact and life change is what makes her tick. Jen has faced many challenges in life with success. She had to find ways to adapt and create successful systems. This lifetime of learning is what she passes along to her clients.

Jen and her team of organizers and other professionals can assist with organizing homes and home-based businesses both live and as consultants operating remotely.  Call (248) 931-3325 or email jenheard@att.net for more information or a consultation visit.  

Jen started Clean Sweep Consulting in 2006 when she returned to Michigan after 12 years living and working out of state.  She has enjoyed working with both home and business clients, and divides her time between the two. Jen has assembled a team with varied skill sets to offer concierge service to her clients. For a full list of professional organizing services click here.  

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