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We Love to Work with Seniors

If you or a loved one have an adult family member who is considering downsizing and relocating to be closer to family, or if they have had to make moves for health reasons, please reach out.  Our team has years of experience with seniors and we love to help find worthy homes for collectibles, heirlooms and items the younger generation may not determine to keep. There are many needy families in Detroit who will be thrilled for the help, and we love to get these items in their hands. We are creative, fun to work with, and gentle yet firm. Call an organizer for your senior downsizing needs today! 

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Senior Downsizing

Keeping & Saving

The Greatest Generation lived lives of prosperity, collecting items of value, saving them in pristine condition while admiring their accomplishments. In contrast, the current generation has grown up with disposable decor they love to change with the seasons. We help to find the best use for the keepsakes and place them where they can do the most good.

Love Bigger (tm) 💙

At Clean Sweep, our Love Bigger (tm) concept helps us to take items from where they are less loved, and place them into a home where they will be loved, utilized and create more contentment in someone else. Loving Bigger (tm) is what we are all about. 


We can help plan your downsizing, move and help distribute all items that you pass along. We work with partners ranging from packers to clean-out crews, movers, estate sales, consignment stores and charities. Rest assured your items will find their best new home,and you will move into yours knowing you have helped others with your contributions.


Question: Will you remove items without my permission?

Answer: Of course not. No items will be removed from your care without your permission.

Question: Are donations tax deductible?

Answer: Yes, if you request one, all donations receive a receipt for you to submit for tax deductions.

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